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Quality Drinking Water Systems and Pool Equipment in Halifax

At Rockingham Hardware Ltd, we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality water, whether it's for drinking, swimming, or harvesting. That's why we offer a wide range of water treatment systems and equipment to meet your needs. With over 50 years of experience, we are the go-to contractors for water softeners, filters, and more in Halifax and the surrounding areas. Our products are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers and are sourced from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. Below are more details about our four main product lines.

Woman drinking a glass of water

Drinking Water Systems

Our under-counter reverse osmosis systems are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy great-tasting water and eliminate impurities such as arsenic, uranium and total dissolved solids. Our systems use a process called reverse osmosis which pushes water through a semipermeable membrane that removes impurities and contaminants. The result is clean and pure drinking water. These systems are easy to use and maintain, and our experts are always available to provide support and advice.


Ultraviolet Light Systems

Our complete line of residential and commercial ultraviolet light systems by Viqua is an effective way to eliminate bacteria and pathogenic viruses in your drinking water. UV disinfection is now the preferred choice for drinking water disinfection due to its efficiency and effectiveness. Our ultraviolet light systems are available in different configurations, including:

  • Regulated UV systems – NSF 55 Class A (residential and commercial applications)

  • Standard UV systems – drinking water (disinfection for residential applications)

  • Monitored UV systems – drinking water (disinfection for residential and commercial applications)

UV Light system for treating water
Swimming pool in the backyard of a house

Swimming Pool and Spa Equipment

We offer a complete line of swimming pool and spa equipment from reputable manufacturers such as Hayward, Pentair, Jacuzzi, Central Spa Supply and others. Our pool pumps and filters, spa pumps, pool and spa accessories, and chemicals are of the highest quality and will provide many years of trouble-free use. In addition, we offer in-shop repairs to most brands of pool and spa pumps.


Rainwater Harvesting Equipment

Rainwater harvesting is a great way to collect, store, and use rainwater for various purposes. Our complete line of rainwater harvesting equipment and reservoirs from manufacturers and suppliers such as WISY and Jay R. Smith Manufacturing Co. is designed to help you capture and store rainwater for later use. This technology has been practised for over 4,000 years throughout the world and has become an integral part of societies in remote places where piping water and reliance on wells is not an option.

Whether you need a drinking water system, ultraviolet light system, swimming pool and spa equipment or rainwater harvesting equipment, we have got you covered. Contact us today or visit our store in Halifax to learn more about our products and services.

Rainwater harvesting equipment

Get Clean Drinking Water

We offer drinking water systems that make the water in your home fit for drinking.

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